Whitney who?

So for the last several weeks I've been watching this really funny tv series called "Whitney". The show's name is the name of it's main actress named Whitney Cummings. Yes, there is a really good pun there, but before you have a good laugh at it take a moment to realize I'm not joking. That's the name of a real person. Not of an x-rated movie actress as many of you may think.

In the little research I've done about her turns out she's the co-creator of another tv series called "2 Broke Girls". You probably heard about it or watch it at this time. Whitney also has a show on the E network "Love you, mean it". It's a lot like "Chelsea lately". Turns out they are good friends also.

"Whitney" revolves around Whitney and Alex and their group of friends. Kind of like "How I met your mother" and "Friends". Well more like "Friends" because it is filmed in front of a live studio audience as you'll be reminded every episode. Whitney is this really chatty, sarcastic and funny girl. She has really good chemistry with her partner Alex making their relationship really believable. I like how they know each other so well and are very at ease at joking about each other every time possible. You get to see several subjects related to relationship and life, like: ex-s, guy friendships so different from girls' friendships, shameful situations like Whitney walking on Alex "enjoying" himself and then telling their friends about it, guys faking it, marriage, how one of their friends turned out to be gay and how he and the group managed it and many more.

The screenplay is very spot on. Great jokes, 2 minutes don't pass without you at least smiling. There's very few drama and when there is, they manage to turn it quickly into something really funny. It proves that you can have a laugh out of many life dramas. Really puts you in a good mood.

So if you wanna have a good laugh give "Whitney" a chance. I like how women comedians come to the spotlight and Whitney Cummings is between my favourites besides of course the awesome Grace Helbig. You can watch her very funny vlogs on her channel called Grace Helbig. Makes my day every day.

Do you watch some funny tv series and youtube channels?